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  • We provide Excellence in Cultural Competency Based Training.
  • Meeting our clients' needs is our highest priority, as demonstrated by our proven success record.
  • We design each training session to offer effective innovative and transformational impact in health disparate communities and businesses across the United States and other International countries.
  • We understand your industry! Using our industry advisors to continuously tap into what is happening in your industry, we provide effective solutions for your community problems.
  • We understand the pressing challenges faced in health disparate communities and are committed to working with you on solutions specific and relevant to the needs.

Over 30 years of experience delivering training, innovative Health and Public Health solutions to improve the quality of life for communities and worksites.

What our customers are saying

"The information that I learned from several of the trainings offered have changed my life forever. What I appreciated most of all was the energetic and competent manner in which the information was presented and explained. Should be mandatory for all leadership teams."

Gloria. T

Governments Corporations And Businesses

DURING THIS UNPRECEDENTED COVID PANDEMIC, Healthy Kinder International's Team extends our specialty Professional Development Training sessions to Corporations and Businesses to

  • Raise awareness to basic Human Rights of each person
  • Reduce BURNOUT to increase job satisfaction and improve relationships
  • Assist management teams and employees with WORK-LIFE BALANCE strategies
  • Empower employers and management teams to reduce systemic racism within the organization
  • Enhance executive and board leadership skills to expand the work of nonprofits
  • Raise awareness to common Mental Health Awareness issues

Some of our past and present clients have raved about:

  • Increased productivity
  • Addressing mental health challenges
  • Reporting reduced absenteeism
  • Improved employee relationships
  • Feeling more apt to work despite the challenges they face daily.
  • An excellent Return On Investment (ROI).

We serve large associations but will limit the class sizes to 20 in our virtual trainings to ensure empowerment of every employee participating in our programs.


Mental Health First Aid and Intro to Mental Health

(8 hour course over TWO 4 hour sessions)

Human Right Awareness Employee Program

(Two 90 Minute Sessions)

Wellness Learning Series

(6 Webinar Series ie one hour per week for six consecutive weeks)

Professional & Leadership Development Coaching & Training

(3 Hours workshops over 3 month, 6 month and 12 month programs)

Average Training Costs

2-3 Hour Sessions

$299 per person, maximum of 20 persons

FULL DAY Trainings

$6500, maximum of 12 persons


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To support public health initiatives, HKI partners with a spectrum of vendors that possess various skill-sets. Through such partnerships, we are able to develop and implement very creative solutions at an operational level in an organization. Organizations that benefit from these types of solutions include, but are not limited to, education (all levels), research centers and community-based. At HKI we are always looking for innovative ways to redefine existing infrastructure to support all initiatives of healthcare, research and management systems.

Integrative Framework Development

(Discovery process included)

Document Management Solutionst

(Electronic and workflow systems)

Laboratory Supplies

(research and medical)

Digital Communication Platforms

(Websites, etc.)

Other Innovative Solutions......\